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Quick Tutorial, how to clone an item and then make recolors of it


download  TS4 Mesh Tool here

and you also need Color Magic, and S4pe

This tutorial is for people who already know how to use Color magic and S4pe…

Open TS4 Mesh tool and pick an outfit or hair to clone


for #1. Use TS4 game packages   #2. Pick a texture    #3. Pick make New custom content your mesh and click clone.

Save your package and edit it the same way you make recolors, open it in S4pe and export your dds file….edit it, import, move to mod folder.

here is a tutorial on how to use Color Magic and s4pe to recolor an outfit  Here

To get a recolor of the outfit you just cloned and colored, open your new package file  in Color Magic and make a re texture the same way you have been…


the first item will show in its own window, next to the item you cloned  2  I made this blue shirt

then I made a recolor of it in pink  1

I have no idea how to edit the swatch for the original shirt I made. I only made one recolor. I assume you need to make all your recolors from the original, not from a swatch. If anyone tests out more swatches, please comment….

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